The team at Gatineau wanted to be trained on Amazon in order to understand how they could best manage the channel. We agreed upon two hours a week for a three-month period to help them understand how to best manage the platform in line with their other business.

“It was like a counselling session and Gary and the team were great at providing us insight into how Amazon works” said Sarah, Commercial Director.

Within three months Activ8 were able to provide insight into how the brand was performing on Amazon and how this could be improved and also provide guidance on brand management on the platform to maximise revenue and profits.


Key Moments: +300% increase in Amazon sales in first quarter of 2019

“We signed up for a 3 month Amazon Seller Central consultancy course with Activ8 in Jan 2019. We spent 2 hrs with them every week and gained enough knowledge to manage our own account and scale up. 

The goal was to come away from Amazon Vendor and gain control of our brand on Amazon once again with the flexibility to list new products. 

Activ8 shared their insight and knowledge and helped us grow with FBA and MFN listings. During the 3 months we saw a massive spike in sales especially with all the new listings, bundles we created and linked our other products with. 

Activ8 have really helped us gain the knowledge to set up, manage and grow our brand on Amazon. True professionals.”

— Robin, Ecommerce Manager, Gatineau.

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