Case Hut


Building a brand in tech accessories is significantly more difficult than it was 10 years ago as more entrants to the market from around the world have lead to a saturated market. Case Hut owner Dan Stevens set out to change all of that with leading and reliable brands to stand out from the crowd.

Providing fulfilment, accounting and analytics support to Case Hut has allowed the owner to focus on sales and marketing which has lead to a revenue increase of over 100% year on year. With the latest data insights the team have helped plan out opportunities for further growth and new products to improve both the Life Time Value (LTV) and Average Order Value (AOV) of their strong customer base.

Key Moments: 100%+ year on year revenue growth 2018 to 2019.

“Activ8 have opened our eyes to the importance of data. It is often overlooked by many new and growing businesses but is by far the most critical aspect to growth. If you can get clear and digestible metrics, you can simplify your focus and decisions. From reducing our product page bounce rate to outsourcing accountancy and fulfilment, we can now focus attention on building our brand and forging savvy partnerships.”

Dan Stevens, Owner

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Stu Conroy