Since we began in 2000 we have sold products across multiple channels. Having started as a website creator selling tech accessories, we have always been leading the way through this fast-changing environment and have seen phenomenal shifts in the way consumers buy, first hand.

In that time, we have sourced and set up factories in China, distributed to high street retailers globally and sold directly to consumers through websites and marketplaces (Amazon, eBay and others) across many different countries.

As online demand grows so does the competition and while we focus on growth, we also believe in multi-channel, risk-averse strategies.

The online world allows small companies to act big, and big companies maintain their existing business while growing market share by expanding into new channels.  Both need agile solutions that enable them to adapt to modern sales and marketing channels and, most importantly, thrive.

At Activ8 we have the specialism and resources to help you thrive.

From strategy, operations, optimisation, analytics, accounting and fulfilment we have it all in one place. So, if it’s launching new channels, looking after your accounts, physically packing your goods or analysing your results we have best in class teams to make it happen. We believe working as an extension of our clients’ teams and understanding their goals is what makes us successful in delivering their needs. So, whatever your challenge is, get in touch, to see how we can help you.