Frequently Asked QuestionS

We are changing how business is carried out with a “whole of market” approach. This will be different to how you have seen business executed before in providing the operational services that allow you to focus on the high value work in your business. We never feel a question is silly to ask and we’d rather provide peace of mind and evidence of how we reach our answers.



Why should I consider Activ8?

Activ8 has been running multichannel operations since our conception in 2000. Our team has experience across the services we offer on top of a network of other proven providers that we recommend where suitable to our clients.

What services does Activ8 provide?

We provide five foundation services that cover business development, online management, warehousing & fulfilment, bookeeping and accountancy and multichannel analytics. We believe brand building is the call of the business owners but work with a range of marketing individuals and agencies where required.

What does it cost to use Activ8?

Our model is performance based. Whilst we charge for standard work that we provide, our online management services are geared towards growing your business. We believe in fairness and clarity in the partnership we have with clients.

How quick can we get a website?

We provide fully integrated websites. When you have us build your site we will make sure that it meets your needs in terms of finance and fulfilment systems suitable to you as a client or your existing services. Our average turnaround is 60 days but will depend on a variety of factors.

Do you provide ongoing support for websites?

We do. Our focus, however, is on providing our clients with solutions and training that allow them to make changes when they need to. It will depend on your available resources but we believe the brand owners know how they want their brand to look and we simply help them get there.

How long does it take for you to start shipping our items?

Once we have confirmed the product data we can be shipping your goods globally the same day they are in our warehouse.

What’s the lead time to improve amazon sales?

We take a comprehensive look at your listings and set out expectations. It is not an exact science however we have seen dramatic improvements in our clients perfomance within days.

How can you integrate to our systems?

Our goal is to help brand owners with digital transformation and ensure that it causes the minimum of disruption to their existing business. We map out the channels you wish to sell on and the necessary integrations. Our analytics platforms can measure Key Permance Indicators within hours of going live.

What accounting packages do you use?

Like any of our services we are always keen to remain agile to market trends. We mainly use Quickbooks, Xero and Sage but work with brands on SAP and Navision amongst other systems.

I'm not an analytical person. How will the analytics help me?

The old saying goes that "if you can't measure it, you can't manage it" and up to date analytics is crucial to running a business. Our dashboards are simple to use and we provide support and training if you don't know your LTV from your AOV.