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Our pricing offers brands of all sizes affordable insights into their data across over 50 platforms. Data that used to require weeks to compile is now available within an hour of transaction.


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Realtime online analytics that produce business intelligence

Imagine immediate and instant access to selling channels stats in one place.  We can make that happen with Activ8 Analytics. It delivers business intelligence, alerts and automation to help you generate more revenue, cultivate loyal customers, optimize product strategy and drive profitability. With over 50 automated API integrations we deliver the highest level of Multi-channel business intelligence to help you optimise your business. What used to take weeks to compile can now be easily assessed within an hour of transactions or marketing campaign.



Activ8 store performance analytics empowers you to set custom alerts, receive insightful recommendations, and build automations that are designed to drive ecommerce growth. Our ecommerce dashboard integrates data from your ecommerce store with digital advertising channels, Google Analytics, and email campaigns – enabling you to easily monitor and report on business performance metrics while streamlining store management.



We know what it’s like when you suddenly see over 100 dashboards. It can be overwhelming.

Our analysts will provide you with your initial demonstration, two-week free trial and the 5 reports that we suggest you make your starting point.

There’s a lot to take in, so our introductory offer gives you three months of guidance. It’s the Insight Level plus Assisted by Activ8 for three months at a discounted rate. You’ll see your revenues increase; lower costs and your profits expand.

If you are still unsure at the end of that period our ABA package (Assited By Activ8) can continue to be taken at the regular price of £250 per month.

Insight Level

Our entry-level package.

The most powerful business intelligence software for online businesses brings together sales and marketing data from over 50 sources within an hour of transaction.

Data that once took over 40 days to compile is now available within 1 hour giving you actionable information.

If you’re already proficient in analytics you can dive right in. If not, the intuitive dashboard representations will have you raising revenues, cutting costs and managing the strategic decisions in your business ahead of your competition.

*A domain can only be linked to marketplace accounts in one country. An additional domain or marketplace country will be deemed a new territory.

Growth Level

Our mid-tier package.

For more advanced analysts, it gives in-depth insight into inter-dependent sales and marketing channels, along with all the data from the Insight Level. Additional advanced data reports help to improve performance giving you extra information to raise your game in the operation of your single, multi or omni-channel business.

*Advanced reports include linked Amazon data

ABA (Assisted by Activ8) Addon

Add to either package for our all-encompassing offering.

This is for those who are simply too busy or not sure where to start? By adding ABA to your choice of package, our team will provide you with extra assistance opportunities so you get the most from your data.

Having all the data at your fingertips provides a great snap shot but our analysts go one step further and provide you with a report including key insights and key action points.

We’ll work with you to outline Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in your business and provide you with an Action Point Report every 30 days to see how you’re tracking. The great news is you don’t have to wait for our report to check the status.

Login 24/7 to get all the data you need.




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